Thursday, October 27, 2011

Whats Going On With Me..

Hellllooo!! Im here with an update on whats new with me.. Today will be almost 3 days that I have been posting videos on YouTube.. I think Im going to like it.. I was very nervous on the first video.. and of course my sister tells me everything I did wrong.. lol So I tried out for the second time around.. I was alot more comfortable with being in front of the camera I sounded more like myself.. But other then that it will get better for me.. On the new video that I will be posting up tonight will be good.. I talk about my review with the Wet and Wilds 8 pan palette (Comfort Zone) Well like I mentioned on the video I liked it alot better then the (I <3 Matte) 8 pan palette. The colors where just not for me its not something that I would wear.. Ohh and one more thing.. I will be having a sell on certain items that I really need to get rid of.. clothes, makeup and some accessories.. so go subscribe and be ready because I will also be having some giveaways with awesome prizes pretty soon..

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